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know where your food comes from


What makes Angus beef so special? Generally, Black Angus tastes better and is more tender than other beef. This is attributed to the meat’s marbling – a trait that Black Angus is known for. In marbled meat, the fat is distributed thinly and evenly, which leads to consistent flavor, juiciness, and flavor. After butchering the meat is it is hung and dried for 2 weeks adding even more flavor. There are also major differences in cattle diets as well. The beef we sell is still fed daily right here at Weese Farm where John custom mixes their diet every morning & feds cattle himself!

So yes, Angus beef is special, and it is the best type of beef on the market since the 70s. It is commonly used by high-end restaurants, those who want the best steak all the time and those who will appreciate it!



We grow all the produce we sell right here on the farm in our high tunnels and gardens!  We are passionate about tasty food – and we believe good food comes from great ingredients. Each fall I pour over produce catalogs to select seeds for Spring planting. We select tomatoes we love to eat ourselves based on the taste and not on commercial shelf live recommendations. We enjoy tomatoes that are so large and juicing it runs down your chin!  We grow mostly heirloom tomato varieties and try one or two new tomatoes in a curiosity section.  Our personal favorite is our stripped Gold Medal tomatoes that are a gorgeous golden yellow with rich red veins throughout when sliced! Our specialty tomato is our Great White tomato with its pale-yellow color and NO acid content is perfect for people who love an old-fashioned garden tomato taste but are not able to handle acidic foods.


John & I work together on the record keeping for cattle & for the produce. We review what we have on hand for inventory and how we raised it to ensure consistency for our products from both the beef & vegetables. It is always nice change for John to trim tomatoes & a fun day for me to join John in the barn for tagging & vaccinating cattle!


We love what we do & are happy to hear feedback from our customers that enjoy a good meal for our farm to their fork!


- Michele

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