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Eat More Beef

This month we had 4 repeat beef order customers!!!! WOW I am so excited about this - yep, to me this means they like our products & want more of it!

I had no idea what GOOD beef tasted like until John introduced me to his beef! I made him a thin, sirloin steak from a chain grocery store for the first home cooked meal I made for him. Hello, I am now sure he must have REALLY wanted to court me because he finished the steak with no complaint. But after a few more homecooked meals he asked if I would be okay with his bringing some beef for my freezer since we were eating at home more often together. (Ummmm, yes please save the single mom a few $$$$). He grilled me a Porterhouse that same week. GOOD LAWD YA'LL, first of all dang that was that a HUGE steak, secondly MY man cooked for ME - I saw a future here lol, but most importantly ... it was the BEST steak I had every eaten!

So if you wanna impress someone (date or not) or just enjoy a great meal at home try some of our amazing steaks! But even better yet, stock your freezer up before the summer season is underway & always have tasty locally raised, farm fresh Angus Beef on hand. We have packages to suit all budgets.

- Michele

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