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Flowers & Beef what's NOT to love ....

I had a bride call me to book wedding florals this week and shared with me that is what she told her soon to be husband when she viewed our website "flowers & Beef what's NOT to love" !

I love it! Wedding flowers are my absolute favorite thing to do on the farm I am so excited for this year's couples .... We are now booking wedding flowers & wedding coordinating services for 2022! Ladies' flowers set the mood for the entire wedding theme & are in nearly every picture you take so make sure you create something special to set your wedding apart from other weddings this season especially if you are using a wedding venue.

If everyone I work with this season are like the first four brides I have booked so far, I am in for a wonderful wedding season!

Photo Credit: Mikayla Thorne Photography / McKee Wedding Oct. 2021

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