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Hang on to your hat!

Wow did we have a busy week on the farm last week! John finished the drainage system including seeding & straw finish for the 2nd high tunnel (oh and his normal farm work of course) I had a small wedding floral for an intimate wedding to create & we had to "polish the tard" to get the last minute things ready for Fall on the Farm opening weekend!

We got it all done. A huge thank you to Colton See, Brett Shockley & Quintin Cider for some of the physical labor that John & I just didn't have enough hands & hours for!

Listen, we get tons of suggestions & ideas for farm projects. And we love it, keep them coming ... BUT the hard part isn't the wishes & dreams ... we have a pile of our own we fantasize about regularly! The tough part is the two of us having fulltime jobs we already have a responsibility to & the physical ability with just the two of us to make them come to life.

Owning a a growing small business is like wanting to build your dream home without a spending limit!!!!! But with hard work, dedication and doing with less sleep then you'd like (oh not to mention the the people you wanna spend more time with but you are to exhausted to drive there ....) YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

This weekend while I was already focusing on the next week & how to make it better, a young boy comes along to the pumpkin patch. It was a blistering day and the visitors we had so far were dedicated folks! Dads were venting air up the backs of their shirts while lugging around their kiddos cherished pumpkins. One family had clearly decided to cut their visit short (the average visit seems to be around 1 hour and 45 minutes) these people were wiping their brows and heading for the parking lot after a short 50ish minutes. As I was talking with them the young boy of the group says "can we go see the John Deere now". I told him of course. He said "John Deere is my favorite". To this I had chuckled and told him to check it out on his way out!

Well now is when the magic happened people!!! I walked over to the shady spot my handsome husband was resting under and told him of the little boys love of John Deere. John stand up, walked straight to the tracker. the next thing I knew John & the young kiddo go driving by in the John Deere! Be still my heart ..... !

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