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Spring is the time of plans and projects

Updated: May 13, 2021

Since the first year John & I planted our high tunnel in 2017 I have come to feel a great excitement for this time of year! Now the cold winter evenings & weekends are a time for me to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or a nice glass of red wine while pouring our the product catalogs! The pleasure of selecting each beautiful bloom & tasty veggie that will soon be growing in our soil is an experience like no other. John is my largest supporter (oh yes we bump heads sometimes but as newlyweds makeup is swift & fun still), his statement to me that first year we grew together was "I always like a woman in garden season honey". I have come to know it reminds him of the years when he watched his own dear mother work tirelessly in her roses and growing vegetable's, of which she then spent countless hours canning for their family. Yes, the way to my handsome husband's heart is through his stomach! He shows his support of my projects with gifts …. my very own tractor for my birthday in 2020, a new tiller for my tractor to celebrate our 4th growing season together here in 2021. All things which help him to be able to open a jar of canned tomatoes every winter, Love is a funny thing!

This year Weese Farm Veggies & Blooms will undertake a new product line. We will add hanging baskets to our farm ventures. I am in heaven selecting the perfect color combinations so that you can all come to purchase your baskets from our farm - everything grown right here in Hardy County! As I work with my seed, plant & soil reps (amazing people) I pray daily that my crop will be a success. Sweet John says he will do whatever he can to make sure I don't fail. Ladies!!! Did you read that? Read it again. Those were his words to me this very week & I tell you that my cowboy is all I have ever prayed for & more! While he works his tail off everyday to raise a quality cattle, he takes time out to care about my dreams. I will need to fit time in to make him a pie this week for sure!

Wishing anyone taking their valuable time to read my very first post a peaceful, healthy 2021. Now grab your favorite comfort beverage & an inspiration source and develop your very own Spring dream! - Michele

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